Being able to build your own dream home is a very rewarding experience. It can seem like it would be a very overwhelming process, but working with professionals who are experienced in custom building can save you stress when dealing with the details and planning involved. All of our Custom Builders are professionals, experienced in working directly with you to achieve your dream. View our Custom Builders below.



At age six, Luis Diaz was given a toy tool set by his father. He's been building ever since. And to this day - after having developed entire neighborhoods - the President of Dibros Corporation still cherishes a child's desire to experiment and to build something utterly unique.

"I try to be different. I resist being labeled," says Diaz. That doesn't mean he builds only contemporary designs. He has an appreciation for both modern and traditional home design and has built both. But no matter what style of home he happens to be building, he works to bring in unusual elements.

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Being carpenters and true craftsmen, Ron Pridgen and his sons, Jody and Jamie, treat each home as a work of art. The Pridgens personally supervise every aspect of the construction process, as well as perform all the trimwork.

The Pridgens believe that if a person buys a home and has a 30-year mortgage, their house should still be sound 30 years later. "We believe in using the highest quality materials and building methods to protect the home buyer's investment." This means unparalleled extras and upgrades to provide longevity.

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The Town of Tioga’s architectural distinctiveness, beauty and quality is supported largely by our top-notch Showcase Builders, and E.G. Gonzalez is one of the finest.

E.G. has been living and working in the Gainesville area since graduating from the University of Florida in 1973 and prides himself of customer satisfaction.

Broker Greta Rice says that “E.G. is known for his luxury homes that feature incredibly grand touches such as granite countertops, elegant moldings, custom hardwood cabinetry and built-ins.”

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Advanced Building Concepts, Inc., specializes in building unique custom homes. Its president, Robert Butts, is a State-certified general contractor and has built both residential and commercial projects since 1987. Robert's educational background includes a B.S. in accounting from Webber International University and a J.D. from the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

Advanced Building Concepts recognizes the importance of ensuring that customers are not only satisfied with the finished product,...

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