The Pridgens are builders, not just contractors!

A contractor hires a supervisor who manages subcontractors to do all of the work. A builder actually performs most of the work himself, keeping a close eye on quality and service. By the time a selection or decision comes from the owner to the contractor, from the contractor to the supervisor, and finally from the supervisor to the subcontractor, errors or omission can easily occur. But with a builder, the decision goes from the owner straight to the builder, who is the supervisor and also the one who performs the work. Less people guard against errors and omissions. Less people also mean less overhead- lower price for the owner!

Pridgen Homes can build anything.

From remodeling an old home to building a million dollar custom home, the Pridgens, located in Melrose, Florida near the Gainesville surrounding area, have done it all! Decks, docks, fences, pergolas, and more, these custom home builders have had their hands on just about everything.

Green building is important to the Pridgens. Protecting the environment protects our children for generations to come.  Ron Pridgen has 5 grandchildren and cares greatly for their safety and future.

Energy efficiency not only helps protect the environment, but also helps with the monthly energy costs.  No matter what the real estate market is doing, the Pridgens always focus on making sure each home is energy efficient and also built within the parameters of the customer's overall desire and budget.