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At age six, Luis Diaz was given a toy tool set by his father. He's been building ever since. And to this day - after having developed entire neighborhoods - the President of Dibros Corporation still cherishes a child's desire to experiment and to build something utterly unique.

"I try to be different. I resist being labeled," says Diaz. That doesn't mean he builds only contemporary designs. He has an appreciation for both modern and traditional home design and has built both. But no matter what style of home he happens to be building, he works to bring in unusual elements. "I like to play with interiors and find ways to add more light, to give the home something that makes it out-of-the-ordinary."

Of all the homes Diaz has built, no two are alike. But every one shares two characteristics: a high level of construction quality and something that Diaz calls "architectural honesty."

Take storm shutters, for instance. On a traditional Dibros home you won't find decorative storm shutters that aren't large enough to actually cover the windows, nor will you find false dormers. Diaz takes the issue of architectural honesty very seriously and this stand tends to give Dibros Homes a depth of character.

Diaz is also very committed to the community at large. He was chosen as 1994 Gainesville Builder of the Year, served as president of the Gainesville Builders Association, was on the City of Gainesville Historic Preservation Board, the Affordable Housing Committee and a number of other councils and committees devoted to enhancing Florida communities. He was also named a Southern Living Magazine Custom Home Builder.

And to think it all began with a toy hammer!