The Town of Tioga’s architectural distinctiveness, beauty and quality is supported largely by our top-notch Showcase Builders, and E.G. Gonzalez is one of the finest.

E.G. has been living and working in the Gainesville area since graduating from the University of Florida in 1973 and prides himself of customer satisfaction.

Broker Greta Rice says that “E.G. is known for his luxury homes that feature incredibly grand touches such as granite countertops, elegant moldings, custom hardwood cabinetry and built-ins.”

E.G. and his son, Eric, personally supervise the construction of each home. This unique approach ensures direct access to the builder, eliminating confusion and ensuring results. Greta Rice adds that “E.G. is such an asset to Tioga Realty, Inc. and Town of Tioga because of his no-nonsense attitude and his commitment to follow through with any request—he does what he says he’ll do and always gets the job done in a timely, efficient manner.”

Buying a home from E.G. Gonzalez Custom Homes also means that you are never forgotten after you move in. As E.G. says, “Customer satisfaction is the most important thing we do.”