To us, it is about being aware of the build environment that surrounds you and how it affects us all.

That environment has to create a balanced approach to how we all live with our neighbors and our common open spaces. 

Our open spaces provide ample stretches of shaded sidewalks, that are set back from the curb to help you relax and enjoy the outdoors.


Our homes are centered around their welcoming porches and stoops. Their front doors highlighted to create a sense of Community and our pedestrian way of living, while the garages are hidden to allow an escape from the everyday. Our homes are not segmented by value, or barracaded behind brick walls, they are all connected by our shaded walkways.

greenTown of Tioga is a Community full of open spaces that allow for picking flowers from your Community Garden plot, shopping via bicycle, strolling with your loved ones to dinner in the Town Center, or watching an outdoor movie under the stars with your family. 


Town of Tioga prides itself on being a pioneer in the area of smart growth in North Central Florida.

Smart Growth is a style of community planning in which the designers integrate a compact design, land for mixed uses, a range of housing choices, and a walkable layout with a strong emphasis on the preservation of open space and natural beauty.


flowergardenIn addition to the development of high-quality homes and lifestyle, Town of Tioga places great emphasis on sustainability and preserving the environment.

Almost 30% of Tioga's land is reserved for lush, green areas. Throughout the community are landscaped retention ponds and gardens, which support environmental preservation as well as stylish aesthetics for the neighborhood.

The community layout focuses on pedestrians, encouraging residents to walk to school and the retail center, thereby lessening pollution from vehicle exhaust.

Low lighting along streets and sidewalks minimizes light pollution and trees that line sidewalks and roads provide shade throughout the neighborhood.